DIY Tutu Skirt for Kids

My upcoming wedding is an entire DIY project for me and my fiance. We took inspiration from Pinterest and did all we could to recreate the things we liked. To save on costs, we decided to DIY as much of it as we can. Along the way, we got to discover more of our creativity and teamwork.

One of the things we decided to work on is the tutu skirt that our flower girls will wear. Our inspiration for this project came from these photos:



Tutu skirts are a bit expensive so we decided to recreate it. It’s not yet finished but here’s what it currently looks like:

This will be for a 2-year old girl who is part of our entourage.
This will be for a 2-year old girl who is part of our entourage.

Our wedding theme was rustic and the colors are seafoam green and coral peach. We just love the color combination and how well they go together. On the tutu skirt, it looks so pretty and like cotton candy!

This is still a work in progress but I’m already so excited to share this how to with you guys! Since I learned this from the internet, I am also excited to share the process with you.

DIY Tutu Skirt (Some Sewing Involved)


  • 1/2 inch elastic
  • Tulle (I used 2 colors– white and seafoam)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • White Thread
  • Needle

Since this is for a cousin’s 2-year old daughter, I used the measurements found on The Ribbon Retreat‘s tutorial.

Elastic Measurements: Use 1/2″ – 1″ wide. Measure your child, but if there is no child to measure, use these measurements.

Elastic Measurement for Newborn Tutu – 16″. Add an inch for each size up. (The newborn size could fit 6 months to a year).

Tulle Cutting Measurements: Take the length you want (ex. 9″) and double (ex. 18″). Then add two inches (ex. 20″). So for example, if you want a tutu at 9″ in length, then you need to cut each strip to be 20″ long.

Approximate Tutu Measurements and Length to cut tulle 

  • 0-6 Mos – 7 in – cut tulle at 16 in
  • 6-12 Mos – 8 in – cut tulle at 18 in
  • 12-24 Mos – 9 in – cut tulle at 20 in
  • 2T/3T – 10 in – cut tulle at 22 in
  • 4T/5T – 11 in – cut tulle at 24 in
  • 5/6 – 12 in – cut tulle at 26 in


1. Measure your child’s waist. I used 18 inches of white elastic since the little girl who’ll wear this has a 2T size.

2. Tie the ends of the elastic together using the white thread and needle. I don’t have a sewing machine yet so I just sewed it by hand– it’s not tough work! I promise!

3. Cut tulle into strips– what I did was I folded the tulle into equal parts vertically. I was left with about 2.5-inches of 22-inch long strips.

4. Next comes the fun part. Put the strips of tulle behind the elastic. Find the folded portion and loop the rest of the tulle through it. If you can’t understand this portion, please check out the video below. 5. With the tutu skirt I plan to create, I alternate between white and seafoam green. So if you have other colors, you can alternate it here as well.

6. Keep repeating until you’ve covered the entire elastic with the strips of tulle. — This is where I’m stuck for now. I have to buy more tulle so I can finish the tutu skirt and also work on the second tutu skirt for another flower girl.

I’ll share more photos when I’m done with the project! 🙂


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