How to Upcycle Empty Tin Cans

What do you usually do with your empty tin cans?

Ever since we got engaged and knew we wanted to have a rustic wedding, we’ve been saving our empty cans and converting them into something we can use for the wedding.

We’ll share the How to for this later but for the meantime, here are a few other ideas you can use to upcycle your empty tin cans instead of throwing them away!

Paint the cans with gold!

Or another color
Wrap the cans with wallpaper
Use them as something to serve delicious food from!
As a hanging light ornament
Or a candle holder
Attach to a board so you can organize your tools
like this–
or this:
Or perhaps your kitchen
The ideas are endless!
So don’t throw away those empty tin cans! You can use them to make your home look more organized without costing a lot of money. For more ideas, click here.


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