We’re Doing the 52-Week Money Challenge!

Mr. C and I tied the knot less than 2 weeks ago and we’ve been reminiscing about the big day and all the things we did together in preparation for it. Our wedding was a simple one but many commented on how beautiful the ceremony was, how perfect the weather was, and how creative everything was put together. I am still contemplating whether or not I should disclose how much money we spent on the wedding as well as giving tips on how you can save money on your wedding too– perhaps on a later blog post, once we’ve received our photos.

Anyway, when the wedding was over, we decided to go to Iloilo and a day trip to Guimaras Island. We were with my younger siblings so it really wasn’t a honeymoon per se. We decided to do this because we wanted to thank those who had helped prepare for the wedding and since we’d both be alone in Cebu again, we thought it was the perfect opportunity. Not to mention, we were saving money for a better honeymoon in the future.

I know you guys have already heard of the 52-Week Money Challenge and that it usually starts on the first week of the new year. For Mr. C and I, however, we decided to join in on the challenge the week after we got married. We’re using the challenge to help us save money for our first anniversary honeymoon although we’re still undecided on where we’ll be spending it.

Since we’ll be keeping an eye out for the next Piso fare for 2016, we opted to reverse the challenge and start with the largest amount down to the smallest.

So for the first week, we set aside P5,200 and this week, we’ll still be setting aside P5,100. This way, we could have enough money when there’s a Piso fare we could use. If we opted to follow the challenge the right way, we’d have to take out money from our savings account when there’s a seat sale, which would then beat the purpose of the challenge.

Aside from our honeymoon, I am also creating a 52-Week Money Challenge of my own so I could have our family’s house repaired. With this challenge, I decided to follow the usual format of the challenge so it would not be too expensive on my part.

The best thing about the challenge is that you can decide how much you want to save every week– in increments of P10, P20, P50, P100, or even P500. With ours, we decided to go with the P100 increment so we could save more money without it hurting our pockets.

Have you ever done this challenge? Let us know how successful it was in your end.

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