Wedding Series: Our Wedding Cake & Cake Topper

Happy New Year guys! So after thinking about what to do this year, I’ve decided to go back to blogging but not to pressure myself so much with new posts. I thought about what to post next since I haven’t been doing any crafts lately so I just decided to share some of the things we did during our wedding. If you guys didn’t know yet, my hubby and I practically DIYed all the things for our wedding day– the bouquets, decoration, invitations, etc. But aside from that, we were also the ones who picked out every single detail for our big day!

If you guys are getting married soon but don’t have enough money to pay for a grand wedding, we’d love to share our tips with you. So we’ll be making a few posts related to our big day. This will be a series of posts to help give you inspiration on what you could do for your wedding.

So for the first series, I’d like to talk about… our wedding cake! First of all, the cake was a gift by my grandparents. But they had the cake made by my stepmom, who has been doing cakes for the past 18 years or so. I’m not sure how many wedding cakes she has done in the past but she has always accepted birthday cakes. She’s slowly transitioning her cake business into a separate one (aside from her former business) and has called it Belle’s. If you guys want to order from her, details are on the bottom.

Anyway, here are some of the things we used as inspiration for the cake:

When we were picking out a wedding cake design, we had a few things in mind already. First of all, it had to be white, simple, and small. The main reason why we didn’t want to spend so much money on a wedding cake was because it seemed pretty pointless to us– seriously, how many weddings have you gone to where the entire cake was consumed by the guests right then and there? Not only that, the cake was just something we were going to slice from during the “Slicing of the Cake” portion of the reception. There was no way we were going to spend thousands of Pesos on a cake.
We even did consider just using a cake with cupcakes on the bottom. But opted against it shortly. 
It did not take us too long to realize the theme we wanted for the wedding. As a matter of fact, I think that was something we already figured out from the very start– RUSTIC. We loved the feel of rustic themes and just how simple it made everything look. It didn’t require too much detail but it was really artsy and creative. Once we decided to go with this theme, we found a good design for our cake– a white cake with messy icing design (I don’t know what it’s called) and just some burlap to cover the cake with.


Next we were thinking about the cake topper we would use on top. So one day, I was just browsing Facebook when a friend of mine posted a cake she made with a pretty personalized cake topper. Hubby did not hesitate to say yes since he really liked how they were made. We contacted Catherine of Doodled Works and in just a few months, we had our cake topper.
In case you’re wondering, that’s a frying pan I’m holding! ^_^
When we were finally ready with the pieces for the cake, we took the items to my stepmom and showed her the design we wanted. On the day of the wedding, I was blown away with just how beautiful the cake went and how it truly fit what we really wanted from the start.
That’s a customized cake slicer on the side. We make these too!


These photos remind me of our big day so much and how beautiful it was! ❤
Wedding Cake: Belle’s
Cake Topper: Doodled Works


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