Exploring the Famous Tingko Beach, Alcoy

Over the weekend, some friends and I decided to go on a day trip to Tingko Beach, Alcoy. We’ve been seeing the beautiful photo of the beach on social media so we decided to pay a visit on one lazy Sunday.

Driving to Tingko Beach, Alcoy

Our trip started at Jollibee Escario, where we decided to meet up with our other friends as well as buy our necessities (water and some snacks). When we were ready, we started our journey making sure to pass by the SRP/Coastal Road so we could avoid the traffic at the National Highway. True enough, there was no traffic at this road. When we reached the end of SRP to turn left to the National Highway, that’s where we got stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes. Once we were out of Minglanilla, however, the rest of the journey was pretty smooth.

Map from CebuWatch.com

From Cebu City, we passed by the following towns/municipalities:

  • Talisay City
  • City of Naga
  • San Fernando
  • Carcar City
  • Sibonga
  • Argao
  • Dalaguete
  • Alcoy
Out of these towns. driving through Argao was the longest. The roads were pretty decent except for a bridge being repaired between San Fernando or Carcar (can’t remember where). The road wasn’t hilly since we passed through the coastal road. On the left, you’d get to see the beautiful sea view. There was a motorcycle accident on our way to Argao since there were some areas that had a blind curve. You’d also have to be careful with your drive since some Ceres bus and Sunrays bus drivers drove like they owned the road or didn’t care if you would get in an accident.
Driving to Cebu City
The trip back was better since we were already familiar with the route we took. However, there were instances where we got stuck in traffic in Carcar, San Fernando, and in Talisay. Before turning to the SRP, we were also stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes. Also, the roads weren’t too bright.
How Was Tingko Beach?
Well, Tingko Beach was definitely true to its photos– clear blue waters and a white sand shoreline. Unfortunately for us, we decided to go on a Sunday. Since Tingko was a public beach, it was crowded with so many people. There wasn’t a cottage available so we had to stay in one of their tables. They placed the tables underneath the trees lining the shoreline so it wasn’t too hot. Sadly though, we were very close to a group of teenagers who were getting rowdy and were drinking Red Horse Beer during lunchtime (the perks of a public beach). It also didn’t help that the wooden benches were so uncomfortable to sit on. Apart from the tables and cottages, they also offered rooms that only had jalousie windows and wooden doors.


So many people, this isn’t even half of the ones on the tables and cottages


Another downfall was that they lacked proper amenities for basic needs. My friends weren’t able to shower after they swam in the beach since there was a very long queue. The shower area wasn’t even covered– it was just a faucet on the left side of the stairs heading down the beach. My friends were charged Php 20 to use the faucet even if there was no pail to use to shower properly. As for the comfort room, well… just pray that you don’t get LBM during your visit.
On the plus side, they provided us with an area where we could grill the raw meat we bought from Carcar. There was also a man who helped make sure our charcoal was hot enough and ready to use. They also sold charcoal for Php 10 a pack.
Sam helped me grill our food
We asked the lady who collected our payment whether or not Tingko Beach was dog-friendly and yes, she said it was. They just reminded owners to be mindful of their dogs’ waste and to be kept on a leash at all times.


6:30 AM – Meetup
7:00 AM – Start of Trip
9:30 AM – Arrival at Carcar/Breakfast at Jollibee
10:30 AM – Resume Travel
11:40 AM – Arrived at Tingko Beach, Alcoy
3:00 PM – Start Trip going home
5:45 PM – Arrived at Cebu City
6:40 PM – End of Trip

Total Drive Time: 7 hours

Cebu City to Tingko: approximately 4 hours
Tingko to Cebu City: approximately 3 hours

How Much We Spent:

PHP 800 – XCS Gasoline roundtrip
PHP 20/head – Entrance at Tingko Beach, Alcoy
PHP 250 – Table rental
PHP 50 – Car Parking at Tingko Beach, Alcoy

PHP 1,120.00


PHP 290/kilo – Lechon from Carcar
PHP 100 – 25 pieces of Puso
PHP 180 – 1 kilo of Pork Liempo
PHP 110 – (almost 1 kilo) Bangus
PHP 50 – Water
PHP 60 – Coke 1.5 Liter

PHP 790.00

Total Expenses: PHP 1,910

Delicious Carcar lechon

Truly, the water at Tingko Beach was beautiful. Perhaps on our next visit we’ll explore the other options so we can enjoy proper beach amenities that we paid for.


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