Crochet Mug Cozy Pattern

So a month ago, I started getting hooked on crochet. It was something that I’ve wanted to learn ever since I was a young girl. I remember seeing an aunt crochet and I would stare at her hook, curious to uncover what it was she was doing. Unfortunately, no one ever gave me a chance to learn how to do it. Along the way, I tried to pick up the skill but thought it was too boring and intimidating (reading patterns). When I went on a social media break last month, I decided I should try crochet so I had an outlet where I could de-stress. Calligraphy was an option but since I’m such a perfectionist, it also made me stress out whenever my nibs or ink weren’t functioning right. So I turned to crochet.

Another reason why I wanted to learn how to crochet was because I’ve always been on the lookout for crochet glass cozies but could never find one for sale. I found someone who can make these but I’m really not close with her so I decided not to ask her to make one for me.

Using only YouTube videos and other blogs, I taught myself how to crochet. I’m not an expert on it yet but I can at least finish projects already so I’m very pleased at that accomplishment. A few weeks ago, I was hooked on making shoes for babies. I was able to make a couple and gave them out for friends who were expecting moms. I’m still waiting when they could send me a photo of their newborn wearing the shoe though. I also made a sort of beanie for the daughter of another friend, so that’ll be another post.


Today I want to focus on mug cozies! I was able to make 4 of these already and gave them out to my friends here in the office. I tried another pattern but regretted it since I realized that yarn loosens over time and it became too loose for my mug. So I decided to experiment with other patterns.


This was the pattern I found most comfortable to follow. Now, I know there are some rules when it comes to posting patterns so I think it’s best I should just direct you guys to the crafter’s original post. Since this is a video, you can check out the pattern here and follow along too. The pattern I used is the one on the second part of her video.



5mm Crochet Hook

Yarn Needle



Stitches Used:

SC – Single Crochet

HDC – Half Double Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

TR – Triple Crochet

SL ST – Slip Stitch

MR – Magic Ring

I’m currently still struggling with making a Magic Ring so I just followed the other option, which is to chain 4, slip stitch to first chain to create a circle, and then follow along the video.

Let me know if you guys were able to follow the pattern easily too!



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